Name: Andre Divinney III Full Title: His Royal Majesty King Andre The Third, Ruler over the Domus Empire and its Dominions Species: Great Dane Age: 53 Eyes: Brown Fur: Grey, all over. Voice: Heavy, heavy French accent. Not very deep voice, but strong.

General Description: Austere. Dignified. This sums up the description of most of the Royal Family. King Andre wears the Royal robes, which are a bright blue, and are lined with white, with black spots. Around his neck is a large ruff, and on his head the ceremonial gold and sapphire crown. He wears his ceremonial two handed sword, a large, heavy gold filigree affair, which has engraved the names of all Domus' rulers from the time when the sword was first made. The sword also contains the family's magical power, and the weapon is capable of generating lightning, and electrifying whatever it touches. On his face is an elegant moustache, curled upwards. He aslo wears a big, black curly wig, as is tradition. It falls past his shoulders. When travelling, his dress is still blue, but with a cloak as opposed to a large robe, and boots.

History: Always knew he would be king. Was the eldest of 5, and never let his siblings forget who was going to be boss. They were immensely angry, and attempted to kill him several times. Eventually, two of them were executed by guillotine. After that, Andre learned how to handle a sword, after all "After 3 attempts on his life, we'd recommend it" - Andre's tutor. He was crowned at the death of his predecessor, and became Andre III, sovereign ruler, and has ruled Domus since as a dignified and honourable nation. He always strives to make his country stronger than Gawain or Edwin, and at 53 years of age is not letting go of his goal anytime soon.

Mannerisms: Walks with his head held high, as does all the Royal Family, Is slightly deaf, and has a loud voice at times. Eats a lot, drinks a lot of wine, smokes A LOT, and is very devious sometimes, hiding his thoughts behind a cloud of smoke. Is getting on a bit, and walks slower, and has trouble up stairs. Can't run for nothing.

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