One of the most important features of the Yamaha Dynasty, the Azalus Academy is world-renowned as a place of learning. A spell etched into the doorway of the Azalus Academy permits only those who mean no harm to enter. Nonetheless furs of every species and station have found training here in all manner of subjects, from magic to swordplay to history to etiquette. Even monarchs have often sought advice within its walls. It is administrated by a group of highly skilled and very wise mages called the Masters of Azalus.

The Academy itself is a marvelous work of architecture, being built of marble veined with pyrite, or fool’s gold. The buildings are connected by open stone walkways, so that one may traverse the entire campus without once touching the grounds. There is a garden on campus where students may find time for quiet reflection.

The most important part of the Academy is the Azalus Library. All three floors of it are surrounded by high shelves, burdened with countless books and the random artifact. It is much easier to enter here than the Academy itself. Anyone may search within its collection for the information they crave. It is the greatest repository of knowledge arcane and mundane in all of Feila.

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