A standard Beaked Avian

High in the steep Black Mountains are the peaceful tribes of the Beaked Ones. They are the fully feathered and, like their name indicates, beaked form of Ave. There are different types of Beaked Avian due to interbreeding between Skins and other races, but the "traditional" Beaked Avian have no arms, only wings, and talons for feet.


A handed and foot-pawed Beaked Avian

A distinct form of Beaked Avian is one that has hand-type limbs toward the end of their wings. These aves have an easier time integrating with the rest of the world because of their ability to manipulate objects more easily than their handless brethren.

Their distant cousins, the Skin Avian, have a special, genetic resistance to showing signs of aging, such as the general decadence of the outer body. However, there is still some noticeable pigment loss in the Skins over the years, such as in the hair and feathers. The flesh of Skin Avian may also become paler. Most Beaked Avian do not show this same trait, though, a rare few do. The reasons for this inherent resistance to aging is unknown.

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