Hi, oz here!

I recently joined Felia, and one of my characters uses a rare type of magic called "Fey Magic," so I figured I would write this article explaining some of the basics of Fey.

First and foremost, Fey is actually pure energy, iridescent in appearance, that exists in another dimension, but has entered our world in four "ancient places." the people who lived in those places, and their descendants, are gifted in being able to manipulate the Fey energy. While it is pure energy, an experienced user can adapt it to a variety of purposes and spells, or wield it in its true form. There are four colors of Fey power which, while identical in possible effects, trace a separate lineage back to a different ancient place than the others.

Purple: called (by Fey users) "The Purple Fire of Notrol," this form traces its emergence to a site in northern Edwin, where a village of Fey users named Trolon-Rief now stands.

Green: Referred to as "The Green Light of Xafriaf," this one entered our world at an ancient place in southern Edwin, and the village there now is Xairfaf-Ghilt.

Blue: also known as "The Blue Flame of Dleifgnirps," Blue Fey traces back to western Gawain, and the village of Pleifdrings-Emfal.

Black: "The Black Spark of Eladnanna," Black Fey emerged in Eastern Gawain, near the village of Landanan-Karps.

Despite the different "places of emergence," all the types of Fey operate in pretty much the same way. People are either born with the ability to manipulate the Fey energy, or they're not, but while the ability comes in at birth, inherent mastery does not. Fey is the hardest type of magic to control, and can sometimes consume a fur, strengthening their power but causing them to lose all control. There are levels of control, and a fur with Fey abilities will probably identify their level and color in a battle challenge in the form: "I am (insert name here), (insert level/rank here) of the (color and color's title [Fire, flame spark, etc.]) of (ancient place)," which looks something like this: (this is for my character) "I am Kasha la Fey, Wielder of the Purple Fire of Notrol."

The levels/ranks are:

Holder- Has the ability, has not used it

Wielder- Is practicing, but has not mastered it yet

Master- Can manipulate Fey to just about any task, and doesn't overload or lose control

Vassal- Has been consumed by Fey, and is no longer in control

User- General term for anyone, at any level, who manipulates Fey

I hope this clears up confusion, especially for people in my story, and if there are any questions, post them!

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