Indrick151 joined the Feila forum on the 18th of June 2008, and has already made four characters on the site. He enjoys furry stuff, but doesn't consider himself to be furry.

Medieval charactersEdit

Logan is a 16 year old wolf born in Domus, he was Indrick's first character, and he is a pretty unfortunate one, because he is cursed with carrying a 400 year old dark mage around in his body. He will often be found talking to the mage out loud (he never quite got the hang of talking in his mind). He is shy and quiet, and quite afraid of strangers. Eventually, in the course of events, he met up with a journeyman from the Unseen University, an institution of magical education in Gawain. The professors there offered to remove Amelangrien from Logan's mind by giving him a body of his own. Logan accepted, and the dark wizard was freed. Logan currently is a student at that University, attempting to learn healing, but not making much progress.

Amelangrien is the 400 year old mage within Logan's body, he is cruel and sadistic, and seems to working to his own set of goals. Only a few know of his actual existence. Recently, he was freed by the professors at the Unseen University, and is free to pursue his goals without hindrance.

Kenneth is a 28 year old mercenary, another wolf, however he has no magic skills whatsoever but has mastered the use of the axe in combat (and has a mediocre proficiency in the use of a longsword). He is generally quite blunt, sore and cynical. He is surprisingly philosophical for a mercenary, thinking more than someone in his profession should.

Yeranot is a trickster, trouble maker and all round rogue. Only downside, he is retired, or at least was, boredom has brought this owl out of retirement and now he's looking for thrills, he's as likely to help you as stab you in the back, and if he has his way, he won't be the one doing the stabbing, it'll be your best friend. He is also a fairly impressive herbalist, knowing what plants heal and give life as well as which ones take it away.

Modern charactersEdit

Jirra is a 17 year old Kangaroo in high school, he's the bookish nerd type who doesn't play any sports. He's a very quiet person, but inside he's really sad, and even further inside he hates the world, cause he thinks it's against him in some way.

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