KarstAvenger, or Karst for short, is a member of the Feila forum. He joined on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009, and has one recognized role-playing character: Renae Glade.

He is a young male of 19 years, and enjoys playing the MMOSG/MMORPG(Massively Multiplayer Online Social Game/ Roleplaying Game) Furcadia. He is also an artist, having drawn both Furry and Non-Furry art.

He is currently living in Carthage, MS and is a freshman at East Central Community College. He is majoring in Computer Programming.

Medieval Role-playing Characters on FeilaEdit

Renae Glade, "The Black Rose"Edit

Renae Glade is a ruthless mercenary who lost her parents when she was a year old. Growing up alone and outcast by many, she has a hardened heart and a soul as cold as the Northern Continent. Cruel and full of malice, she is feared as a mercenary, being known for skinning children in front of their parents to get the answers she needs, even going as far as committing cannibalism by eating bits and pieces of her captor's beloved to drive them near insane, sometimes going much further and eating parts of her captor. She uses other methods as well, her favorite one earning her the title of "The Black Rose." The method is simple: she has whips made from a black rose, the thorns dipped with a special type of poison that gives excruciating pain when it seeps into a wound.

Renae is a Northern Sergal, and because of this, prefers to live in the Northern Continent and the Arctic Islands.

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