N00b678, more commonly called by his real name (Bradley or simply Brad), is the administrator of the Midas Arena on the Feila forum. Despite that he is not a furry himself, his characters on Feila and other role-playing forums tend to be anthropomorphic canines, with Foxes and Wolves being the most common choice. Rather than sticking with one role-playing site, N00b678 prefers to have a wide variety of role-playing styles, and therefore, he role-plays on several different websites. He tries to make a point of visiting each one on a daily basis and replying to posts, and a few of them he helps as a co-administrator.

N00b678 didn't know that such things as role-playing forums existed until he did a search for an anthropomorphic role-play, figuring that something might come up that was similar to a book series he liked reading called Redwall. What he got was a passion and borderline obsession, which has kept him hooked for over two years, along with many online buddies who do the same. It doesn't look like he's going to stop any time soon unless his computer breaks. N00b678 is also a Dungeon Master at a Dungeons and Dragons Club at his school, and enjoys it quite a bit.

Besides role-playing, N00b678 is an amateur writer, though, he's only good at short stories. He can finish the first chapter, but afterwards he becomes brain-dead and loses track of his original plot. He has an electric guitar, however, he can't really play it very well. N00b678 also plays video games when he gets the chance between school, friends, and role-playing.

Medieval Characters on FeilaEdit


Jeric the Arctic Fox

Jeric is an Arctic Fox, and is very shy about his past. He is kind, forgiving, and ready to stand for what is right. The fox is wise beyond his years. Jeric has lived a nomadic lifestyle, helping others in need as he traveled. The few who know Jeric are truly blessed, for they will always have a friend who will put his life on the line to protect them.

Vanir Sprite Puzzle
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