Piriqui Map

Map of Piriqui

Piriqui or popularly known as the Territory of the Ravens is typically seen as a dangerous land full of cannibalistic tribesmen and outlaws. However, it is actually quite steeped in order, thanks to the wise behavior of its tribes and the legal jurisdiction of the civilized settlements. Its most recognized species are the Aves, and its land is most comparable to real-world Africa.

Medieval AgeEdit

Gustavo by Madame

A skinned Greater Bird of Paradise

The land is overcome with jungle, forest, and savanna, being mostly unfooled around with. There are several mountains, and the most notable mountain range is the Black Mountains, known to the Yamahanese and many birds as the Kuroyama.

The beliefs of the Skins varies, though, the majority of the Beaked Ones are rooted in a mythology surrounding elements. Wild Avian are tribal peoples and most are nomadic.

Piriqui is known as many things, such as "The Territory of the Ravens", "The Forbidden Lands", and "The Dark Lands". Piriqui is the name that is most often used by the natives, while the other names are more often used by foreigners and immigrants.

Age of MusketsEdit

Similar to Africa, the Piriqui tribes have only just come into contact with Edwinish and Domish colonists. Edwin looked upon the Piriqui as free land, and immediately claimed it for their Empire. Domus did the same, and now the Piriqui is oft caught up in the struggle between the two. Domus tried recruiting some Piriqui tribes to fight with them in the past using muskets. They were soundly defeated, and the experiment was not repeated, though it left its mark on the tribes of the Piriqui, who now hate and fear the colonists. Edwin has no qualms with enslaving the tribes, and they are moving away from the coast, inland, leaving their land to be fought over by the world powers.

Age of SteamEdit

The Territory of the Ravens (or the Wild Piriqui as it is known by the natives) is similar to Africa during the Victorian Era. Small inroads have been developed with the cooperation and manipulation of Skin Avian tribes in the area. Mining is the chief concern of explores in the area and much of the Piriqui’s delicate political balance has been upset with the introduction of more advanced weapons to certain tribes in return for mining rights.

Age of Drive-by ShootingsEdit

Skin Avian tribes do remain somewhat wild in Piriqui, which is still an overgrown, largely untamed jungle, with much savanna and some deciduous forest, but most foreigners pay them little heed anymore. However, a lot of Skin Avian tribes have been strongly affected by the tourism to their continent, and many can now be seen wearing t-shirts and wrist watches, in addition to factory-made knives and other such tools. Beaked Avian remain elusive, though, many have come down from the Black Mountains and into the forests. Some areas of Piriqui have been somewhat industrialized, though, they are still heavily undeveloped. Think modern day Africa, and Piriqui is somewhat like that.

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