Vanir, Our Lord and Savior

Vanir is the official mascot of the Feila forum. He is a tan rabbit/bat hybrid that was created by Zeru on January 03, 2007. Vanir is the only mascot that Feila has ever claimed, and his species was chosen because Zeru, the recruited artist for the mascot design, has an affinity for hybrids and bat wings. Vanir's name is taken from a group of fertility and wealth gods in Norse mythology. Despite that he has been Feila's mascot since the beginning of 2007, his image has never appeared on the forum, though, has long been apart of the forum's official site, Feila Universe. Since WikiFeila was created, Vanir has played a significant role in its design, appearing on the front page of the wiki, on various other pages, and within article notices. Briefly, he was considered to play a role in a Feila-based animated film that was being planned by Zeru, however, the project was never followed up.

Vanir in Feila's History Edit

The story of the hybrid Vanir is one that has been passed down within the countries of Feila for generations. Originally, the tale was told simply by mouth, but years after it took place, an unnamed poet took these stories and combined them into one epic poem. The Valde Talis, as the story was come to be known as, continues to haunt highschool furries in the Age of Drive-By Shootings.

Vanir Sprite Puzzle
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