The wolf (Latin: Canis Lupus) is a four-legged mammal in the Canidae family. This article is about the anthropomorphication of the wolf in the world of Feila. For information about the wolf, refer to the WikiPedia article Wolf

The wolves are, among other canine, the primary inhabitants of the kingdom of Domus. Wolves come in a lot of colors, mainly grey, brown or black. They are able to walk around without clothes and still be warm, but due to laws and the development of human emotions, they have clothing on most of the time and have adapted to the extra warmth herefrom.


The wolves' fur is short in most cases, though it can grow to be about 2 to 3 inches long over the entire body. Headfur has been developed but not all wolves posses it. The headfur can be of any color, independent of the color of the bodily fur. The wolf has short muzzle and medium length ears, about 6 inches. The ears can be adjusted to show emotion, as well as enhance hearing sensitivity. The tails are attached just above the beginning of the rump, and are averagely 10-12 inches long, though lenghts can vary among certain wolves.


With anthropomorphication, the wolves have mostly human behaviour, with the exception of their body language. The ears and tail move along with certain emotions and are easily read by other persons. Furthermore they behave the same as humans in most situations, though when meeting another wolf, some animal instincts might kick in. Wolves are mostly carnivorous, though among anthropomorphs a lot of omnivores exist as well.

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